Monday, 19 December 2016

Giving Is Better Than Receiving!

Giving Is Better Than Receiving!

Those clever people at Forbes mag have been looking at how to be happy - or at least happier.  Here's No.2 on their 'Secret to Happiness' List.

2) Giving is Better than Receiving:  The Forbes articles states 'Few things provide a lasting sense of happiness and fulfillment like giving to others. There is very little you can do for yourself which will have the same effect as doing well by someone else. Keep this in mind next time you're wandering the mall, window shopping every store. Instead of seeking out things you may want to buy for yourself, go on a hunt to find the perfect item to surprise your best friend or significant other. Buy your mom a fresh bouquet of flowers or get your dad a new sleeve of golf balls. The experience of surprising a friend or loved one with an unexpected gift will not only make their day, but leave you feeling great about yourself, and that joy will last unlike your temporary excitement over a new watch.'

Awwww.  It's what the spirit of giving is all about.  Now go buy them that skydive they've always wanted!

No.1 was Buy Experiences NOT Things *skydiving is one such experience! 

Read the full article here

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