Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Serena's year-long save for a skydive!

Not many 12 year olds can match the determination of Serena Wilson to reach a goal.

When Serena's dad, Darren had his surprise 40th birthday present revealed at Sunshine Coast Skydivers last May, he was less than delighted.

Expecting a 'surprise' fishing charter, Darren wasn't too sure he wanted to jump out of a perfectly good plane.  The then twelve-year-old Serena was more than ready to take his skydivng-place or at the very least, skydive along with him!

Luckily, once Darren got over his initial surprise, he decided to a) skydive b) that Serena, at 12, was too young to join him.

Did Darren enjoy his skydive?  I asked Therese Wilson, Darren's wife and the naughty surprise-skydive-springer.

 "He did" laughs Therese, 'he said it was the best thing he'd ever done. I knew he would love it, that's why I surprised him with it for his birthday."

But that wasn't the only surprise.Serena wasn't acting on a whim when she offered to take her dad's place, nor was she about to let a little thing like parental disapproval stop her from having a tandem skydive.

"She made up her mind there and then she was going to do it" Therese Wilson told us this morning when she rang to book her daughter's skydive in for Sunday.

"Serena has been saving her pocket money for nearly a year and with the money she got for her 13th birthday yesterday, she's got the money to do it."

The Wilsons are now looking forward to seeing their very determined daughter take her well-earned tandem skydive on Sunday.  Well done Serena - we look forward to seeing you!

*the minimum age for a tandem skydive is 12 years (with parental permission)

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