Monday, 6 January 2014

Yay For Us! Sunshine Coast Skydivers is Twenty, yes 20!

Poor Tibor - this is his day job!
When Tibor Glesk, owner and Chief Instructor of Sunshine Coast Skydivers took his first tandem passenger skydiving in 1994 he had little idea that 20 years later Sunshine Coast Skydivers would have become one of Australia's premier Skydiving Centres.

In April 2014, Caloundra-based Sunshine Coast Skydivers will be twenty-years old, which we reckon is a milestone well-worth celebrating!

So during 2014, our 20th Anniversary year, Sunshine Coast Skydivers will be painting the sky, if not the town, red!

Join our 20th Anniversary Celebration!

We'd like to share the celebration with you.  After all, what good is a tandem skydive operation without the 100,000 or so of you of mad, crazy, brave, wonderful people who have happily jumped out of a perfectly good plane?

We're having lots of fun planning what we can do to celebrate throughout the year - there will be some fabulous offers (1994 prices perhaps?), some skydive giveaways (we'd love you to suggest some local charities we could help and highlight in 2014) and just some crazy Sunshine Coast Skydivers staff doing some perfectly ridiculous (probably airborne) things.

You can keep updated on all the celebrations via this blog, Facebook, Twitter, the Sunshine Coast Skydivers website and our e-newsletter.

Can you help us please?  

Back when Sunshine Coast Skydivers started in 1994 (practically the digital dark ages) all your skydiving images were actual printed photographs (remember them?) and VHS videos!  Whilst we've got heaps of awesome digital images from the last 5 years or so - photos and videos from 1994 to 2004, not so many.

Did you (or someone you know) skydive with Sunshine Coast Skydivers between 1994 and 2004?

We would LOVE any of you who skydived with us in our early days to share your thoughts and photos with us (see below for contact details).

To thank everyone that responds, we'll put you into our 20th Anniversary draw to win one of 20 Beach Tandem Skydives with us - there will be a winner from every year we've been in operation - so please include the date (or at least the year) of your skydive with us!

Sunshine Coast Skydivers, 1 Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra Airport, Caloundra. QLD 4551
07 5437 0211 / 0418 776 775

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